Mariah Dennis

Hi there,

I’m a mental health therapist in Los Angeles who helps women overcome challenges with stress, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

We all have ways to cope with life’s stressors just fine. But when that natural process of coping breaks down, gets blocked, or is not moving along as quickly as you want, that is where therapy may be helpful.

My goal is to effectively help you create a life of fulfillment and meaning.

Trauma Therapist
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #120732

These kinds of mental health concerns can show up:

  • In relationships with others by isolating, people-pleasing, feeling “like a burden” to people, overly worried about what people think of them, struggle to create or keep boundaries, challenges communicating, or difficulty connecting due to feeling emotionally “numb” or like an outsider. 
  • At work due to burnout, “Imposter Syndrome”, perfectionism, difficulty concentrating, pressure to be over-productive, or constant self-criticism.
  • In body and thoughts relating to fatigue, difficulty sleeping, sensory over-stimulation, and difficulty relaxing.

I have provided therapy treatment in Southern California communities for over 7 years. I am passionate about focusing on strengths to empower people with their mental health and wellness.

While no therapist can guarantee results or get testimonials from clients, I can promise the dedication I take in ensuring quality mental health care with my clients. The therapy I provide applies an integrative, and culturally-sensitive lens to where treatment is customized to you.

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